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A key challenge for Corporates
today is an expectation by shareholders to continually do more with less. Refining operational plans each year becomes essential to meeting strategic objectives in a highly competitive marketplace.

A deep understanding of the structure, dynamics and culture of a large Corporate allows us to integrate strategy to best effect.

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Strategic &
Business Planning

Strategies relating to revenue growth often cascade down from the National level to the State (or Business Division) level.

Revenue by Design can support the State General Manager with the planning and documentation of annual Strategic and Business Plans. We have extensive experience in harnessing the knowledge within the local team and packaging it into something that helps the Division embrace the strategy and move forward towards delivery.

GMs most often have a good sense of what their strategy needs to be, but they have little time to get around to writing it. Revenue by Design ‘Thinks and Writes’ on your behalf. We firstly take the time to understand the business, its industry, its people, internal and external stakeholders and culture.

Our goal is not about completing a Plan. It’s about completing a Plan that is deliverable.

Sales &
Marketing Appraisals

The sales and marketing appraisal is a holistic look at how revenue is generated in a business. The objective is to identify key areas of opportunity to improve results taking into account existing resources, products, services and channels to market. Corporate businesses often manage this type of planning in-house however there are times when an external resource may be of significant value – to cast a fresh set of eyes over components of sales and marketing operations.

Revenue by Design understands the Corporate environment and respects the roles of people within the business. Our approach is about identifying improvements that can be incrementally added rather than dramatic restructuring within sales and marketing teams.

Sales Improvement

Revenue by Design has extensive experience in structuring and managing geographically diverse B2B Sales Teams.

We assess Direct Sales team structure, frameworks, processes and procedures that underpin a high performance sales environment. We can then support organisations with the implementation of these improvements.

There are times when Corporate organisations roll out Sales Transformation projects. Revenue by Design can be called upon as an external resource to support and drive sales transformation across State teams.

Our ability to do this stems from a deep understanding of the Direct Sales environment coupled with an ability to see how this impacts more broadly on the organisations ‘business as usual’ operations.

BUSINESS & Revenue by Design

Businesses whether they are small or large, family owned, private or publicly listed are the backbone of the Australian economy. Many are finding that in the current economy, ‘business as usual’ is not working as well as it used to. New and innovative strategies are required.

We are witnessing significant changes in consumer buying behaviour. Technology coupled with innovation now finds buyers and sellers transacting in a global marketplace. Smart businesses are adapting and diversifying their marketing strategies to compete in this new landscape.

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Strategic &
Business Planning

Most businesses refine their Strategic and Business Plans annually. Revenue by Design can assist with planning and facilitating strategic planning days with MDs, Directors and GMs. We then go one step further and write the Plan ensuring that long term strategies align with annual business objectives.

We are typically engaged in this type of work in situations where businesses need extra support and expertise around revenue generation strategies.

Throughout the process of our engagement, we help businesses identify strategies to reconnect more strongly with their target markets and look at refining marketing activities and improving sales channel efficiency.

Sales &
Marketing Appraisals

The sales and marketing appraisal is a holistic look at how revenue is generated in your business. The objective is to identify key areas of opportunity to improve results taking into account existing resources, products, services and channels to market.

Often the process highlights ‘quick win’ activities that can be implemented straight away with little or no cost. The steps include familiarisation of the business, analysis and recommendations documented in a written report and discussions with management about implementation strategies.

The process acts as a catalyst for long term business improvement and is low risk (low cost for high returns). Clients decide if they want to take the report and roll out improvements themselves or alternatively seek further support to implement selected strategies.

Sales Improvement

Improving the framework, structure, processes and procedures within B2B Sales teams can reap big rewards quickly. Revenue by Design has extensive experience in relation to setting up a sales environment conducive to peak performance.

Typically the changes required are tweaks to the existing framework. We work closely with Managers to implement improvements to team structure, sales reporting, remuneration structure and monthly targets including KPI’s.

The process is akin to ‘pulling the reins in around the sales team’ supporting a stronger focus on the activities that make the most difference.

Improving efficiency in these areas will result in higher strike-rates per sales conversation or proposal.

NOT-FOR-PROFIT & Revenue by Design

NFPs are about providing a service to the community rather than making a profit. Economic challenges have resulted in less donor dollars flowing through the market. Reassessing income strategies is essential for organisation sustainability.

Understanding the third sector environment supports business development planning and more importantly, its implementation.


Strategic &
Business Planning

Revenue by Design works with NFP organisations to identify and refine strategies to increase revenue. This typically involves a review of what activities are generating revenue and how the organisation connects with its consumer and donor markets. We work directly with the CEO and Board in the strategic planning process.

Our strength in this area stems from a strong understanding of the NFP sector and environment within which the organisation operates. We couple this with our knowledge of sales and marketing strategy. Activities can include facilitating strategic workshops and writing the Plan or components of it. CEOs are often busy with operational elements and have little time to write plans. We ‘Think and Write’ on their behalf, tailoring each plan to suit the organisation.

Sales &
Marketing Appraisals

The sales and marketing appraisal is a holistic look at how revenue is generated in your organisation. The objective is to identify key areas of opportunity to improve results taking into account existing resources, products, services and access to market. The process focusses on how things are done now, and identifies what is working well and where there is area for improvement.

Typical areas that are addressed include the marketing mix, PR, branding, events, fundraising and commercial enterprise. An analysis of ‘service deliverables’ is included. Often the process leads to recommendations to improve market positioning and segmentation along with activity prioritisation.

Sales Improvement

Whilst many NFPs do not have a sales-force, there are some that do. These organisations are typically quite large and offer a commercial product or service that requires direct sales people to attract and retain customers.

NFPs can benefit from an external specialist appraising the sales team and implementing improvements to team structure, remuneration, reporting and monthly KPI’s and targets.

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ABOUT Colette Smith

Colette Smith is a corporate executive with over 25 years in sales and marketing.

Colette has over 8 years experience in management consulting, both as a Director at KPMG and founder of Revenue By Design. Consulting clients span a wide range of industries such as advanced manufacturing, ICT, financial services, retail, education and health. Where necessary, Colette partners with professional services firms and independent consultants to deliver complex advisory projects.

Prior to this, Colette spent 15 years at Telstra in a wide variety of roles, spanning all market segments. Colette’s clients included some of Australia’s largest corporations, such as Shell Australia, ANZ, Elders, Adelaide Bank and Deakin University. Colette’s final role was that of Telstra General Manager for the Adelaide Consumer sector.

Board role: Director – Arthritis Australia.

COLETTE 0429 933 010